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    Quickly find out some answers about SchoolBusNet platform.

    • What is SchoolBusNet?

      A suite of software apps that manages and distributes info on all details of student’s transportation. It plans and monitors operations, keeps track of all charges and costs, enables parents to see the location of their child’s school bus and allows them to make changes to their schedule !.

    • How does it work?

      SchoolBusNet uses all global positioning systems (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and lately Gallileo) technology to locate and track your child’s school bus. Then, by using our own software solutions, SBN manages the daily operations and it communicates all necessary information to those who need to have it through its secure channels.

    • Is the information private and secure?

      SchoolBusNet, just like a bank or online stores, uses the latest technology and practices in security which means that all communications between the users and the platform is encrypted, safe and secure.

    • What is needed so I can receive the notifications?

      All one needs is a smartphone and our mobile app installed. Following a safe registration, you will be able to easily check and submit changes to the schedule (cancellations, destination or pick up changes) in addition to receiving visual and sound notifications.

    • How do I sign up?

      You can sign up for SchoolBusNet only if your school is using the services of the platform. They will provide you with a unique code to access your details in SchoolBusNet platform through the mobile app for Parents.

    • During the SchoolBusNet mobile app installation, I was asked to provide a user name and password. Where can I find this information?

      Your school’s transportation office will provide you with your unique username and password.

    • I forgot my password. What should I do?

      You should call the school transportation office, and they will be able to provide you with a new one.

    • Who has access to my child's data?

      It is only school designated officials who have this access. As they always did. Through SchoolBusNet platform, they get this data structured and detailed so they can manage operations. SchoolBusNet strategically adheres to all relevant data safety regulations and prictices.