Planning / Monitoring / Reporting

SBN platform provides ALL tools to properly manage Transport Operations. No matter their size.

SBN manages processes for PLANNING the operations. That is, having all resources organized, grouped or characterized according to selected policy so that the work is done efficiently, transparently and flawlessly.  The recious functionality of Route Optimization is integrated into the SBN platform.

SBN offers the tools to MONITOR the daily execution of Operations. No matter if the User wants a helicopter view or details for a specific resource,  every information is 2 clicks away.

That offers the opportunity to combine any data and get any intelligence REPORT so easily, literally like asking for a print.

Individual Yearly Schedule -Absolute Flexibility

Plan individual schedules for each student/ passenger. The flexibility of the tool can accommodate up to a different pick-up / drop-off point for EVERY day of the year.

Include if deemed useful, predefined alternative destinations for controlled changes submitted by Parents, if they are allowed to.

Safety, simplicity and full transparency, radically improve services to Parents.

One needs to see how easy safe and reliable can it be to make any change in the transport schedule.

Communications & Notifications

There is a clear set of different notifications sent to Parents. All are customizable, through individual or global settings.

Parents receive automatic notifications on activity and in case alarms, when the child is  “Not present” at the Bus Stop according to their schedule.

Instant Notification for any schedule change that happened during the route, or other information coming from school.

The administrator can send any message to any custom group. Be it students, drivers or parents, selected by any criteria or individually, they will get the proper information in time.

SchoolBusNet platform is a complete and flexible Communications tool.

Multiple level  domain structure – Absolute Control

While SBN platform can be used by a small kindergarten of just 22 passengers, it can also accommodate, and it does so, a whole country, under a single account.
Every element of the resources can be grouped at any level or characteristic that the User wants.
Operations can be planned, monitored, and reported according to the domain level that is designed.

This is how a large organization can have full control of operations performed in different geographical areas, while using common resources, different rules, or multiple pricing policies.

For customized and secure access SBN offers over 3.000.000 different user profiles to create and assign to a large and complex organization.
Absolute control up to every detail.