All tools in one platform,  all info on one dashboard.

All information, tools, communications, and measurements are under a single platform providing for Powerful central monitoring & reports.

If connected to other systems or devices, SBN makes it so easy to get the necessary information or report from one interface. Monitoring daily operations, managing resources, measuring performance, comparing & improving services, and finally study tactics to lower related costs.

Looking for a vehicle, or a passenger? SBN with the advanced search gives instantly their position in on the map including all relevant details no matter if the vehicle was replaced, the driver changed or passenger switched to another route. It will also give info on costs or charges; per any element.

Checking for statistics on complaints, costs per zone,  heat maps, compliance to regulations? Navigating in SBN is simple, reports are flexible while it takes a couple of clicks to get any detail.

Total Control & Savings –
Time and attendance –
Managing Contractors

The SBN platform provides tools so that transport administrators can save more than 80% of their time planning and maintaining the weekly schedule.

Flexible reporting provides all necessary information for accurate record-keeping, billing and Performace or Quality measurements.

The Route Planner module will streamline your route planning process making routes more efficient. A complete optimization would reduce the number of required routes saving vehicle, fuel and driver costs.

Safety & Security –
Ridership details

No longer do your children have to wait in the street, under any weather conditions, for the Bus to arrive.

SchoolBusNet mobile app for Parents provides automatically information on exactly when the bus is arriving, pick-ups, drop-offs, delays, and other details.

Increased Safety by minimizing the time their children spend standing by the side of the road.

Simplicity in Scalability

SchoolBusNet platform is currently used by a kindergarten of 40 toddlers transported by a 20 seater in two routes, as well as by ministries managing countrywide operations.

A flexible domain structure is built to reflect the operations. Dozens of transport contractors, using multiple route and vehicle categories, having their own cost and charges details.

Monitoring and measuring every aspect of engagement, efficiency or quality for any sub-set of operations is easy to check on the spot or report for any given period.

World Class Service to Parents

No longer do parents need to call the school to check on the whereabouts of their child’s bus or just ask for a change. SchoolBusNet enables them to check the updated weekly transport schedule and submit changes to that at any time of the day, for any day of the week, without any calls. The SBN Platform will check, and do all arrangements.

It’s the kind of service that parents should expect in an era where technology provides for service, control, convenience and communication like never before.