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    We Are a Services Company.

    While you can have our successful products from the self,  you can also take advantage of our experience to find solutions that fix specific problems.

    Turnkey Projects

    Set the requirements and we’ll combine all needed technologies, our platforms, custom solutions and 3rd party products to deliver what is asked for. Having extensive experience in Project Management, we’ve delivered with absolute success projects that had strict and complex specifications, state regulations and market requirements. Our records in delivering projects concerning 100s of 1.000s of passengers under one account can secure the competitiveness of our proposal.

    Route Planning & Optimization

    For the purpose of offering top-level Route Optimization services within SchoolBusNet platform,  we have developed a software tool specifically for Student Transportation. With Route Planner, a complete Route Optimization platform, we can provide services on any basis as well as complete design studies on new or existing operations.



    Every element of either of our platforms is build in-house. We have been engaged with multiple Modus Operandi of schools and we’ve met most of the products in software or hardware in the market. We can accommodate any need or requirement no matter its size or scope. But we can also give ideas and propose organizational structures and offer solutions that have been tested. Custom portals,  financial control of subcontractors, Heat maps for planning optimized operations, not only we materialize but also consult after all the experience we have in this field.

    Call us to get in touch with a library of problem solving and cost cutting.

    Integrating Systems
    (third party solutions)

    During the SBN platform implementations around the world, we’ve met so many different products related to Transport security that we now can claim that we are experts in analyzing needs, in building turn key solutions and delivering systems that are seamlessly consisted of the best products available. Please come in contact to ask for any info regarding products like :

    • MDVR’s,
    • Ridership control
    • Peripheral cameras
    • Mobile motion and temperature detectors
    • School management systems
    • Child Reminder systems
    • Access control
    • Engine diagnostics and
    • Artificial intelligence in reengineering operations and annual planning.

    Customized Solutions

    While SchoolBusNet platform allows the user to pick the configuration they choose to better align offered functionality to their own business processes, there is also the opportunity for extensive modification or customization of the platform’s applications, including the development of brand new applications if that deemed to be the right choice.

    Again, SchoolBusNet has its own resources, the right methods and the unique experience to deliver the optimum solution, that can be stand alone, connected, or integrated to its platform SchoolBusNet or to the Route Planner.