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    Who we are

    We are an innovative software company that develops software solutions to everyday problems.

    Within our unique platform, there are all the tools necessary to properly manage all student transportation sub-processes: route optimization, passenger/ vehicle/ staff tracking, simple and safe school-to-driver-to-parent-school communication, flexible reporting on performance efficiency and related costs, and the real-time management of all resource elements as well as emergencies of the transport service.


    We have teams of highly experienced developers in their own fields. This, along with the strategic focus on Customer needs in every detail entitles us to offer a platform that is currently used by Ministries and large education organizations who manage whole countries’ student transport operations with total success.
    Next to experience comes our true flexibility and responsiveness. When it comes to complex and demanding projects, we simply provide the optimum solutions. Having successfully completed integration projects with a wide array of 3rd party s/w tools we know that we can deliver solutions to any complex or demanding problem, in time and optimum cost.

    What customers say about our work

    • We have been in partnership with SBN for 5 excellent years. Their service support is always outstanding, and we are extremely satisfied by their response and accuracy in delivering solutions when required.
      Their professionalism and commitment has always resulted in them quickly resolving any technical issue or issues that may have risen during our relationship. Their support team has all the technical abilities, management and communication skills to help us resolve any issues operational procedures regarding Student Transportation Management.
      We are happy to highly recommend SBN and its platform.

      Robyn Still

      Operations Manager, QUEENSWOOD

    • For us it is a pleasure to co-operate with this company. We are already using SBN platform from its previous version and currently the new improved one. We’ve been totally satisfied.

      Voinea Alexandru

      IT Manager British School of Bucharest

    • I am very pleased to inform you that the support we have received from SBN throughout the past months in preparation for the applications process was nothing short of exceptional. Your staff with whom I communicate the most, were always highly responsive, ready to help and coming up with solutions to all problems encountered.

      Thanks for the excellent service.

      Jane Caruana

      Manager, Strategy and Support Department, Malta MoE

    • “I just wanted to say how re-assuring it was this morning to receive a text to say my daughter was on the bus…. I leave her at the bus stop as I have to get my other two back over to their school and have always relied on her to text me, which she often forgets to do! Many thanks for putting in a brilliant system.”

      Student's Parent

      St John's school, UK

    • “This app is brilliant!! Thank you. Keep saying this but so impressed with this service and use of digital! Just never thought of doing my own changes in the weekly schedule.”

      Student's Parent

      Wellington College, UK

    • “You have been so efficient and the new app is really fantastic.”

      Student's Parent

      Hurst School, UK