All mobile

All mobile allows access to the platform data via smartphones and mobile devices, which is a great way to ensure that no one is ever left out of the loop.

Staff en route, or whoever needs access while away from the office, as well as Parents and their Trusted Persons,  can use this feature to keep up-to-date with actual ridership details, all changes in schedules, delays and emergencies.

No local installations as well as no proprietary devices used.


All cloud

All cloud infrastructure brings substantial Cost Savings avoiding investments, maintenance or security issues, being totally flexible in arrangement and scalable in size of operations.

Similarly, any new update is safer and faster to deploy.

Efficiency, Insight and Quality Control are easy to monitor.

World-class Data Security, Disaster recovery, and Loss Prevention makes it also easy to cover any regulations and to meet any government security requirements. An ideal infrastructure.

New Technologies

Elastic search based Reporting offers the tools for data ingestion, enrichment, storage, analysis, and visualization at any depth, detail or combination of all kind of content generated during operations.

Artificial Intelligence will provide alternatives for designing routes, sizing fleets, and adapt operational resources to fluctuating needs.

New embarkation /Disembarkation Control method developed after requirements defined in the field operations. Dedicated custom-designed hardware for the SBN platform using Bluetooth technology, being really accurate, safe and easy to deploy than any other automatic arrangement.

Experience may not be a new technology but is a prerequisite to comprehend and take best advantage of the techn tools.

Regarding experience in Student Transportation, we already support Country-wide operations. Yes, we can help with New Technologies.